Thursday, January 10, 2013

cookies vs brownies

so i know i still have more christmas pictures to share, but i needed a break from the five million photos.  you know, so i can share these other photos i've been taking.  i have a wedding to finish tonight, so i need to finish those real quick.  we started potty training with davis today.  she loves her potty.  but she's not a fan of her big girl panties.  as in, she will not wear them.  she prefers to walk around bare butted scratching her ass.  we've had storms the past couple of days so we took advantage of the sun and soaked up some vitamin d.  i love that davis is old enough to really play with her sister now.  it is so fun to watch them together.  when they're being nice.

see momma, no boo boo.

as we were driving home today i had this conversation with marley.
M: do we have any cookies at home?
me: no but we can make some brownies later.
M: do you know how to make brownies?
me: no but i have a box.
M:  that's ok.  i'll just have some teddy grahams at granny's.
me: don't you think i can make brownies?
M: no.

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