Sunday, February 3, 2013

sunday fun day

unlike the rest of the world, we are not watching the super bowl right now.  but we still managed to have an awesome day today.  my kids were being total heathens this morning.  loveable, of course, but totally wild.  so we went to granny's park.  chased some butterflies, raced around, played with rocks, ate some bubbles and played tackle.  it was great.  today had perfect weather.  is it spring?
hmmmm, are you sure it's february?

a bird's nest discovery.

d struggled and grunted and groaned trying to get into this chair.  it was pretty darn funny.  she got it eventually.

ahhh, to be three (almost four!)

marls and d are serenading us with a beautiful song accompanied by rock drums.


our version of the super bowl.

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