Monday, February 11, 2013

rainy day fun

and a nightmare.  both computers got sick last week.  luckily we have mcafee on both, and they've been great working with us to get them back up and running.  almost 100% and i don't think i've lost too many photos, if any at all.  i do have external backups as well.  and then, to top it off, i bought a new memory card for my camera and it's a bust!  lost all the pics i took on sunday.  boo.  oh well.  not the end of the world.  we had a busy weekend and as soon as i am finished uncorrupting photos and files i will share some pics from the weekend.  but today we had a quiet rainy day at home.  it was nice.  and silly.  and fun.  marls was practicing her faces for our big event next week.  a certain someone is turning FOUR!!!!  we have something special in the works for her.  and you.  to enjoy.

signing bird.

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