Monday, May 13, 2013

enjoying life

these are a hodge podge from the last week.  marls was sick for part of it so we had the couch bed out.  but as you can tell, that didn't keep her down.  little does.  she got her first bee sting.  it was rather dramatic, as i am sure you can imagine.  but she's fine.  she still loves being outside.  and we harvested our first tomatoes from the garden.  there are a ton of green ones on the vine, so i imagine we will soon be overrun.  good thing marls loves cherry tomatoes.
 marls loves to show how strong she is.

 you tell how much fun she's had by how her hair looks at the end of the day.  this was obviously a good day.
 a mother's day picnic with fresh fruit from the farmer's market.

 our first harvest.  the green one fell off and marls wanted it anyway.

she really liked the blackberries.  we're gonna have to take granny and go pick our own again.

 marls throwing gang signs

 when doodle wants her sister's attention, she sits on her.

 just a couple of dinosaurs playing with play doh

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