Wednesday, May 8, 2013

it's a hard life

sarcasm.  we spent this past weekend in, to quote marley, fart worth.  a good friend got married and we went to help celebrate.  it was a great mini vacation for us as a family too.  and somehow baloo got the message and didn't give me too hard a time.  made up for it monday and tuesday though.  but today seems good.  just a couple more weeks of morning sickness, hopefully.  we went to see the midwife (just normal procedure for my doc) yesterday and had another ultrasound to pinpoint the due date.  i think we're sticking with 12/12.  anyway ben video taped the monitor and you get to hear baloo's heartbeat.  it's pretty cool.  it's on my phone and i'm not sure how to get it from there to here.  but i sent it to those of you with smart phones whose number i know.  anywho.  haven't been taking a lot of home pictures lately.  mainly b/c no one wants a picture of the kids watching me throw up.  but here's one of d loving the hotel life.

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