Sunday, November 10, 2013

long overdue

and almost early.  sorry about the lack of post since the last one.  we are waiting on test results, but in the mean time we got some better meds to fight the bad fevers.  and today we did a trial run to the hospital to see if baloo was ready.  s/he's not.  thank goodness.  because it became woefully apparent that there is still lots that needs to be done before baby makes five.
we had a crazy busy week, though the only thing other than the specialist i can think of is marley's school field trip to the maze on friday.  it was fun.  i got to chaperon.  i really like her teacher.  and preschool is a fun age.  a wound up excited hyper age, but a fun age too.  i was definitely tired when we got home.
saturday we went out the rose emporium to help resa get ready for her big day!  the girls practiced throwing flower petals and i checked out the light.  i think it's going to be perfect.  it's a beautiful place and just about everything is in bloom.
it's hard being a shorty.

practicing our flower girl duties...very seriously of course.  marls usually is.

ta-da!  and then there's doodle.  

sunset at the rose emporium

even with a nasty cold, she just keeps going.

we attempted to make leaf crowns.  a perfect preschool activity the directions said.  they lied.  i made this one and it didn't even turn out right.

watching the rain come down one morning this week.  she loves to rock and look out the window.

i get this look a lot.  serious stink eye.  working on our flower girl baskets.

doodle explaining the process of glueing to marls

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