Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More cell phone pics

I had so many I haven't shared, I split them up. Here's some more. 
Wednesdays with Norman. 
Gangsta Norman. 
Norman loves his big sister. 
Parking it. 
Slide meditation

Bed hog. 
My minions. 

Super why dance party
Early early early morning smiles
First day of spring break at the park by 815am. Used our booties to dry off the jungle gym. 
Happy man loves being outside. 
Peace out y'all
Modeling their new skirts I made them. Felt nice to sew again. They picked out their own material from the quilt shop in Buda. 
Norman thinks I am hilarious. 
Doodle raided my 'stache. 
Meshell came to visit for some baby therapy. 

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