Monday, March 17, 2014

three months old!

time flies!  i can not believe norman is three months old already!
~he was baptized on texas independece day, march 2nd
~he loves to lay on his changing pad and kick naked
~he is talking more and more.  and smiling a lot
~he weighs 16.9 pounds and is 26 inches long.
~thusly he wears a size six month. scratch that, we have moved on to a size nine month.
~he can roll over to his tummy.  it takes a minute and a lot of grunting and groaning, but he can do it.
~he tried out his jumparoo.  he's not sold on it yet, but i think he will be soon.
~still nursing like a champ.  although he refuses to nurse under a cover.  yanks that thing right off.  or just won't nurse.  stinker.
~loves to snuggle.
~loves marley.  she can get him to smile and laugh more than anyone so far.

 such attitude already.

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