Sunday, June 1, 2014

davis's big weekend

We have had a super busy couple of days celebrating our girl Davis.  I cannot believe she is three already!  She has had a great couple of days.  We are lucky to be raising our kids in such a great village.
 so when doodle woke up saturday morning i started singing happy birthday to her and she told me not yet, i don't have my why costume on.

seriously.  look at doodle's hair.  it is super awesome.  

all ready for the dinosaur museum

ready for the 3d imax movie

the birthday cake options.  blue, of course.

just chillin...

this is her super why pose, in case you wondered.  every time she sees a camera on her.  

best friends

enjoying the cool breeze


it's a good thing sister was there to help.  

yep.  she licked the icing off and then shoved the entire cupcake into one cheek.

happy happy girl.

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