Monday, June 9, 2014

summer vacation adventures

here are some odds and ends from summer vacation so far.
it is hard work being a baby

 norman and i were trapped at the end of a tunnel of blue lasers after being kidnapped by a fire breathing dragon.  the girls needed to rescue us.

nose picking break

 the dragon kept getting smarter and they had to think of new ways to get through the lasers.
learning to sew with granny.

 ok if you ever need to teach a child to sew, do not buy the singer learner sewing machine.  big waste of money.  or not, as it is now doodle's sewing machine, sans needle, as marls learns how to use a real sewing machine.  or we broke it after about fifteen minutes and mom and i got to frustrated with it to carry on and brought out the big guns.

so now the sisters can sit side by side and create things.  as soon as granny's eyes are all better we're going to resume our lessons.

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