Sunday, January 24, 2016


I was doing so well updating the blog!  But, life got a little cray cray.  We are back to normal, for us, and I will be back to updating again.  I can't help but share my favorite picture from this week.  Night time is a weird dance at our house.  Norman starts in his bed and usually ends up in ours, doodle starts in her bed and mostly wakes us there, marls stays put, but turns in circles.  The dogs go in and out.  It's not really restful for me, but that's ok.  One day it will be and I will miss this nighttime chaos.  Anywho.  One particularly restless night, I had already put doodle back to bed twice, Norman back to his bed once, and then Norman back to sleep in our bed, when I heard doodle wake up over the baby monitor.  But instead of coming to me, Marls woke up and told her to crawl into bed with her.  Then I listened as big sis comforted little sis, told her a story, and snuggled with her back to sleep.  In the morning, I found them like this.  I ran so fast to grab my camera.  ;)  Anywho.  I love their love for each other.  We must be doing something right.

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