Monday, April 21, 2014


we had a wonderful easter this weekend.  so relaxing.  and family filled.
granny with her bunny birthday cake the girls made.  carrot, of course.

on the hunt

the bunny was smart this year and hid color coded eggs.  doodle got blue, of course

and magenta for marls

norman was not impressed.

enjoying granny's back yard

norman had lamb for easter

the girls played easter bunny.  this was doodle hiding marls's eggs.

norman loved the jumparoo outside.  he dug his toes into the grass and was all smiles.  except for when i tried to take his picture, of course.

easter dinner.  delicious.  granny outdid herself.  

baby tushy.  i love it.

to really entertain themselves, kids need little else besides a bucket and either water or dirt.

heaven is swimming in granny's backyard.  or watching my loveys swim in granny's backyard.

marls played beauty shop in the pool.  she loved her combover.  

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