Monday, April 14, 2014

just a quickie

got home late last night from a fun weekend in austin.  well, late for us.  8pm.  it was one hell of a drive home and i think the kids had a hangover from all the fun b/c they were not easy today.  but it was so nice to be able to just get away and relax and enjoy.  priceless.  anywho.
jenn and a weird bat at the austin nature center

sweet friends

excited to wake up with friends and have breaky

teaching doodle games


ashley!  ashley!  i can wink!

at the nature center

we learned all about bats that day.  even got to see one up close.


also at the nature center:  a dino dig!

doug and doodle went about recovering the dinos so other kids could discover them later on

norman fell asleep holding on tight to daddy's hand.

and of course we had to have ice cream

went to check out the new aquarium in austin.  seriously lame.  save your money.  that had a girl in a bikini top and fake tail sitting in a pool of water.  awfulness.  really, do not go.

this photo was one marls really wanted to take.  i love it.  all her idea, face and all.

waiting for the bats

the black blurry things are the bats.

hehehe.  the next morning was a little ruff.  the adults stayed up too late and the kids got up too early.

one tired baby waiting for the bats.

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