Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marley's birthday

at the zoo.  We always let them decide how they want to spend their special day, and marls consistently chooses the zoo.  Anywho.  I am caught up on my client backlog (been super busy~NOT complaining) and finally finished our day of play.
 for valentine's day the preschoolers went to a "nursery" home to hand out valentine's and sing songs.
marls and some friends from school.

 a box and granny's back yard.  what more could a kid want?!

 this is her super hero pose.  i love it.
 my beautiful ballerina

 all ready for the birthday girl
 woo hoo!  look who's five!

 how cool is this?!  b/c it was marls's birthday, she got to feed the giraffes for free and she even shared with her sister.

 and a free carousel ride.  plus some buttons.  great place to go for birthdays.
 this is why i take the photos.

 what?!  three kids totally fit in this stroller
 if you ca't have junk food on your birthday, then when can you?

 super why to the rescue!

 i have no idea what she is doing her.  we were by the ducks, so maybe she's being a duck?

 i'm torn about zoos.  on the one hand i love being able to teach and introduce animals to the kids, but look at this guy....can he really be happy in this cage?

 random baby booty

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