Thursday, May 15, 2014


So we introduced Norman to food today.  Actually, marls introduced him to food.  Since they have such a special bond, I thought it would be cool for her to give Norman his first taste of food.  Man was he ready.  I have never seen a baby take to food like Norman did.  He got rice cereal and some applesauce.  He LOVED it.  Doodle even fed him a bite or two.  They grow and change so quickly.  Feeling emotional, mostly because I am exhausted, but also because we're going through some milestones here.  Food for Norman, the end of marls's first year of school next week.  Time is flying by for my littles and I am trying to grab hold and enjoy every minute.  This is sometimes difficult, b/c you know, they're kids and I am still teaching them how to be good humans.  Anywho, before I get too sappy, here are some pictures from Norman enjoying his first tastes of food.
this is one of my new favorite photos.  out of order.

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