Saturday, May 10, 2014


the girls danced at maifest last weekend.  and marls had track and field day at school.  this end of the year school stuff is getting hectic.  she had her year end bible verse program friday at school.  i'm not gonna lie, i tear up a bit when i think that she is in kindergarten next year.  ack.  my baby girl.  i still remember so vividly ben telling me she was a girl and me saying no it's a boy.  anywho, i could get all emotional, but i'll save that for another day.  maifest and track and field day.
pre dance with her class

blue bell has this flavor called crazy colors, which will dye you crazy colors.  for a couple days.  but apparently it is pretty good.

marls's class pre dance.

there were lots of relay races for track and field, but the kids had a great time.

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