Tuesday, May 6, 2014

norman's five months old

Norman is five months old today!  A little bit about him now:
~ he loves his big sister marley the best out of anybody, me included.  He just grins from ear to ear when he sees her.
~ he drools and drools and drools
~ still just two teeth
~ he can roll both ways
~ he loves to get and give kisses
~ he stares intently at food when we eat.  I think we might start food soon.  He is definitely interested.
~ he laughs out loud now.
~ he has discovered his inner dinosaur.  it's a loud one.
~ he likes to grab things and put them in his mouth.
~ he is up to the third setting on the jumparoo.  there are only four.  he loves to jump, so I hope he slows down on his growth spurt or he'll be too big for it.
~ i think he's about 20 pounds.  We go in for a well baby check next month.
~ he sleeps really well at night.  most nights.  usually just waking me once to eat.
~ he loves to be outside.
ben and i decided he needs to get a job since he's such a big man now.

I love all his sweet baby chubbiness.  I don't want to forget any of his rolls.  Some close ups:

i just love his elbow dimples

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