Thursday, May 22, 2014

pre k

marls's last day of pre k was today.  excited to have my girl back home all the time and ready to get into some new shenanigans, but a little sad at how quickly time is passing.  trying to enjoy it all.  the truest thing i have heard lately is that the days are long, but the years are short. Also today was wear your jammies to school day, but marls insisted she wear her Easter dress bc it was a special day. I love that this was a special day for her and that she totally walks to her own beat and isn't afraid to either. I'll claim that as a parenting win, though I'm not sure I deserve the credit. 
how is she so big already?!  thankfully she still loves to cuddle and hold my hand.  

this is her amazing teacher Mrs. Campbell.  She is truly wonderful and made sending marls to school so much easier.

this is Mrs. Vierus, the teaching assistant for her class.  Also really wonderful.

after school we went out to resa's house to celebrate having our girl to ourselves for the summer.  
also norman went swimming for the first time!  he loved the water.  had a major code brown in his swimming trunks prior to the pool, so he went in his birthday suit.  he was cooing and laughing.  

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