Monday, May 26, 2014

last day of school celebrations

we went out to resa's for the last day of school to have a celebratory picnic.  and we've been hanging out in granny's backyard a lot lately.  it's the best park in town.  and a couple from water day at marley's school.
teaching marls to love baseball.  

these two put on quite the performance

don't worry momma, i can do it myself.

none of the kids understood what a slip and slide was.  terrible.  we're gonna have to get one

a waterized bounce house

with her friend taylor on the last day of school.

look at those teeth!

seriously.  all three of them are making weird faces.  

these are norman's swim shorts.  aren't they cute?  he proceeded to fill them with poop.  lots of it.

presenting the slide of terror from water day.  the kids kept running to get back in line, so i guess they really liked it.

happy memorial day y'all.

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