Sunday, November 11, 2012

dewberry farms madness

dewberry farms is a great place.  we had a blast.  that being said it is NOT a farm.  it is a farm themed theme park.  for kids and their followers.  it was exhausting.  and so much fun to watch marley run from one thing to the next excited and fearless to try new things.  ben is awesome with people.  and crowds of people.  this is not something i could have done with my mom, as she is almost as good with people and crowds as i am.  =)      i love to watch my girls try new things.  marley can be timid at times, but she was eager to try everything.  it was great.  and guess who wants a pony for christmas?
riding the train through christmas tree forest.

super strong woman

these were really pretty high up.  i was surprised marls went down by herself.  she LOVED it.  d did not.

goat kisses


these were pretty cool.  they were bouncy pillow things built into the ground.  this one was meant for all the littles so no one got too wild on it.  both girls had a blast.

my wonderful happy family

trying to prove she was big enough for the zip line too.  we didn't buy it.

her very first zip line

nanananananananananana batman!

fudge face

sheer joy right here.

best picture ever.  

very excited to ride the train.  we were at the very front.

not sure if she's impressed.  she's withholding judgement

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