Thursday, November 8, 2012

this is my life

ok, so i know i promised dewberry farms, but i can't find them.  i think they are in a folder with one of my clients photos.  and i just don't want to go searching tonight.  i'm tired.  and i have had a major headache for three straight days.  blah.  anywho.  here are some photos to help illustrate how incredibly hard my life is.  (sarcasm).  i am so truly blessed to have these beautiful, happy, smart, curious, cheerful souls to tend to and help grow.  today i had to meet a client at the studio, so i took the girls up with me for a little bit of play time. my heart is full to bursting with these two weird and wonderful girls.  just an fyi, davis insisted on her outfit.  INSISTED.  quite adamantly.  nothing but her tuxedo shirt and tutu bathing suit would do.  (and that bathing suit is from her first summer of life, so it is worn as a skirt, not all the way up)
this picture cracks me up.  look at those faces.

vampire teeth

i know it's blurry, but this is a really truly smiling marley.  she was cracking herself up with those teeth.

marls fixing my makeup

d decided to help

they were so excited to be outside and downtown exploring


a box.  the best toy ever.

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