Saturday, November 17, 2012

sail away

this has nothing to do with water or boats.  it does have everything to do with having two healthy girls and a big back yard.  marls has been sick the past couple of days.  thursday night she said she had a tummy ache, but i gave her milk before bed for some reason.  she ended up thanking me by puking all over me during the night.  and my bed.  poor marls hates to puke, not that i imagine most people like it.  it seems to scare her.  thankfully, she is not a pukey kid.  anywho, we made it through the night (with a little help from super granny~ she seriously needs her own cape) and she's just had a slight fever the until this afternoon.  so we celebrated by going outside to play.  it was fun.  i love just enjoying the outside while my family runs around all crazy.  i've been playing with all the different setting on my camera (turns out it does have a timer.  huh.  who would have ever thought to read the manual?)  (ummm, besides my mom).
"the aliens are coming!  the aliens are coming!  head for the hills!  i am outta here!" ~obviously what davis was trying to communicate here.

i'm kind of in love with this one.  she means business.

throwing sticks for louie

best friends

louie~ faster than a speeding canon

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