Wednesday, November 14, 2012

puppy love

outside is wonderfulness.  the mosquitoes aren't even bothering us.  maybe it's finally too cold for them.  anywho.  we spent yesterday in the back yard chilling with lou doggie dog.  he loved it.  d loved it.  and of course marls loved it.  she is the nature girl.  of sorts.  d is more hesitant when it comes to the natural world.  but as we don't have anything growing in our backyard, least of all grass, she was fine.  =)  she discovered the climby thing we got for marls when she was d's age and loved it.  she was just a grunting and pushing with all her might trying to climb up so she could slide down.  i don't think she really understood the slide part b/c she mostly went down it sideways and always with a look of complete shock on her face.  happy, but shocked.  she tried going down the rock wall climby side and that didn't go as well.  but she got up and tried again.  she's practically running everywhere now.  super fast walker.  and she loves louie.  and he is so good with her.  with both of them.  marley likes to throw sticks for him.  he loves to fetch sticks.  i use the term fetch loosely   he likes to run after them, get them, and then have you chase him to get them back.  but marley can't really throw very far.  or very big sticks.  doesn't matter to him.  he bounds after them and comes back with the tiniest little twigs, happy as can be.

can you hear her grunting with effort?

too bad these are so invasive, they're pretty and easy to grow

i planted this over a year ago and promptly forgot abt it.  it must have a very strong will to live

puppy love

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