Sunday, November 18, 2012

santa baby

well, it turns out a spoke a wee bit too soon about marls being all good.  she had a fever last night, but when she finally woke up (a good sign she wasn't feeling great, she slept in) she was raring to go.  so i am not going to jinx myself and say we are all over it.  maybe.  we'll see.  but we did venture out of the house this afternoon and visited santa.  actually, we went to a nearby greenhouses's poinsettia celebration and santa just happened to be there.  we were going to get a poinsettia, but with me already prying every thing imaginable out of davis's mouth, we thought better of it.  but it was fun.  and pretty.  and d hated every single minute of it.  she survived and had a great afternoon.

we did get a little rosemary tree for marls to decorate and a christmas cactus

the entire car ride there marls did NOT stop talking about how much she loved santa, how she was gonna give him a great big hug and kiss, and on and on and on.  it was very sweet.  but we get there and silence.  she did give him a great big hug.  

between all the plants (d HATES flowers and plants for some reason) and the weird man in a suit, d did not appreciate this adventure.

she almost looks happy here.  ben carried her and she got happy again.  we're not mean to them.  promise.

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