Sunday, November 25, 2012


let the holidays begin!  we had thanksgiving at our house this year.  it was wonderful.  i am lucky enough to be blessed with a great family that isn't too far crazy.  we did the turkey and stuffing thing.  it was good.  my mom makes the best homemade stuffing.  i may have some for breakfast, in fact.
the other day i walked in to see this.  i asked d: are you a computer technician?  d: (very clearly) no.  i just thought it was funny.

never never NEVER put d on this horse unless you want to stand there all day and make sure she doesn't fall off.  she will never want off.

the deliciousness

the fam

eric's birthday

ben's birthday

d doing a happy dance

i consider myself lucky that my husband is over the moon excited about a bag of socks and a thermos.

family pic

marley made all 8 placemats for the table.

i know i'm biased, but she is so beautiful.

modeling their turkey shirts i made

showing off the table she helped to decorate.

this is marley's home mantis.  

soaking up some vitamin d at the studio


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